Areopagus Communications, Inc. is media organization that harnesses the various platforms of social media in propagating its digital and printed contents across a wide array of news, features and opinion produced by Catholic journalists from a distinctively Catholic perspective.

Its mission is to provide an alternative perspective in retelling news and feature stories through the eyes of the teachings of the Catholic Church with particular partiality for the common good and for the upliftment of the lives of the poor.


Areopagus was a place in athens, greece, where intellectuals gathered and discussed the philosophical ideas and issues of their day. It was perhaps one of the most challenging venues where the apostle Paul preached about the one true God. Why? Because although the athenians back then prided themselves on sophisticated language and abstract theorems, they worshiped idols of gold, silver and stone. They worshiped a god they did not know. This troubled the soul of St. Paul so much that at the Areopagus, he delivered the most dramatic speech of his missionary career, resulting in a number of conversions.

Fast forward to the 20th century, Saint Pope John Paul II likened the modern media to the New Areopagus, where our christian faith has to be explained and defended anew. Day by day, the call to evangelize on social media amplifies. The question is: are we ready to respond to this call with the same zeal as St. Paul? Are we ready to take on a greater online purpose, presence and mission?