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A media organization that harnesses the various platforms of social media in propagating its digital and printed contents across a wide array of news, features and opinion produced by Catholic journalists from a distinctively Catholic perspective.


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Its mission is to provide an alternative perspective in retelling news and feature stories through the eyes of the teachings of the Catholic Church with particular partiality for the common good and for the upliftment of the lives of the poor.


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If you encounter online or was personally directed this twitter post “Do the world a favor, kill yourself. P.S. Have a nice day“[1], how will this impact to you as an individual? Perhaps, you may feel assaulted, annoyed or threatened or you might just not mind it or just tweet #AlDubYou [2].  We have to admit that across the internet lies the temptation or simply, an option to cause an action, a reaction,or  to stress a point,  to cause some distress  or  plainly, purposely sought to harm another. And we build conflicts along the way that develop to a cycle, that spreads and escalates online affecting vulnerable and unseen targets, a cycle of indifference, a web of wrongs, if not a culture of criminal minds. We are so exposed to the many threats this online world offers. We may keep quiet, abort from the cyberspace or just simply escape. But where does freedom really lie? Others pose that right to self expression should not be hampered by certain limitations as rules or laws regulating the social media. And we raise the issues that the right to internet access is a recognized human right as pointed by the United Nations, that wifi or the internet now included in the hierarchy of needs, and this should not be derogated upon, not even by our own governments. We have gone too far.  We have been through a lot that our liberty is now even questioned or say,  must be regulated.  A noted author, Patrick Henry in his speech to the Virginia Convention of 1775  opined, Give me liberty or give me death!!...

Digital age evangelization is too techie? Tips for your online evangelization

 1 Corinthians 9:22 “To the weak I became weak, that I might gain the weak. I became all things to all men that I might save all. And I do all things for the gospel’s sake: that I may be made partaker thereof.” The Apostle Paul, during his period of evangelization took every opportunity available to make the ‘good news’ known to ‘all nations.” Imagine if he had the opportunity we have now in this digital age. Will technology be too techie for the Apostle of All Nations? Contrary to common misconception that the internet is for the young ones, the internet with the entire supporting gadget available in the market today is actually specifically made for all ages and all abilities even the differently able. And I mean even the differently able! Have bad vision or poor eyesight? Use the app ULTIMeyes to improve your eyesight. Have poor hearing? Download HearYouNow and amplify the sounds! Virtually all of society can do participate in the online world regardless of age and ability. Saint Paul during his time had to adjust just to immerse and adapt. We Catholics even with the fast moving world now have the opportunity for online evangelization even on our spare time and free time. During the recently held fourth instalment of the Catholic Social Media Summit in Santa Rosa, Laguna the theme, “Plugged In” is actually an open invitation to everyone to join and be an online missionary. It is a call for a movement to Christianize cyberspace. Serving the Church has never been this exciting. It is time to tell the world that the...

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